The Long Awaited Quiet

I have the wonderful fortune to have family friends with dogs that need babysitting over the Thanksgiving holiday. Given that I needed a break from home (quite desperately), I was glad to volunteer. I have babysat their home and dogs before, so they know me and we are all cool with each other. I was greeted with two big sloppy kisses from the pooches. Quite a change from the tiny kisses I get from my two small dogs as these two are quite big and one weighs more than I do (not difficult to though as I am a tiny thing).

It has made a few things clear to me.

-I work better uninterrupted, even though I am growing used to having to work in small spurts as I am always being bothered when at home.

-I don’t know if I could handle constant silence and doing nothing but writing full time. I need a little human interaction even with my introverted ways. But for now, dogs are great company and not too demanding on my attention. My little ones are much more high maintenance.

-I often don’t need to write more than 1,500 words a day. I find that is enough to keep the story fresh in my mind. Although today, with no interruptions, I managed 4,000. Woohoo! But sometimes I have to be satisfied with much less. Life just gets in the way and there is nothing wrong with that.

– I want to have moderate success with my stories at least within the next six months. I want to be self-sufficient and I need to get out on my own eventually, you know. And I really want this to work for me.

Otherwise, this time away from home has allowed me to finish the ‘Sherlock’ series and has had me trolling the internet for last hour searching for all possible scenarios as to how Sherlock got himself the hell out of that last one. Those of you who have seen the final episode know exactly what I mean.

And I am almost done with ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth. This is the first novel in a very long time that has left me breathless and eager for the next chapter like a piece of candy. I am not easily wooed into stories anymore. This one has been knocking my socks off. How was this Veronica Roth’s debut novel??? How? So far, I’m completely and utterly impressed. Review to come soon.

Back to enjoying a bit of solitude.

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