10 Things I Believe

The serious and the ridiculous I suppose should go here. Enough to really make someone laugh or piss them off.

1,) I believe that everyone should give that little wave when I let them into my lane while driving. It’s just common courtesy!! Drivers where I live right now are crazy. But after my debacle at the DPS and trying to get my stupid license renewed (that was a total nightmare), I now know why drivers here are so terrible. The test was a total joke.

2.) I believe (and this is a recent reformation) that eating healthy and a mostly vegan diet (and no, I am not an animal activist or something like that and often still eat meat on my cheat days) will lead to a healthier and prolonged life. I have been watching all these videos on people who beat cancer by becoming fanatical raw vegans. I swear this lifestyle change is hard, but I am trying. If I can get to being a raw vegan 5 days out of the week, I will be thrilled. Anymore than that for me and I might go nuts. I need my occasional steak or piece of chicken and my mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese. Sorry.

3.) I believe that many of the teachers I had over the years were nuts or should never have gone into teaching. I didn’t realize this until college, but a lot of my insecurities growing up were because a teacher scolded me for something. Example: There was a school play when I was in the fifth grade. I tried out for ever single female part that was a speaking role, even if it was just one line. I found out later that the teacher giving out roles wrote me out of the audition list because she didn’t think my voice could project enough in the auditorium (even though there were microphones). In other words, she sabotaged all of my auditions. When I found this out, it was in the middle of class and I started crying. She screamed at me and called me a spoiled little brat in front of the entire class and made me apologize for being upset that I didn’t get the exact part I wanted in the play, making it out to be my own fault. Which was an outright lie. I was humiliated by her yelling at me and calling me names, and I never auditioned for anything ever again in my whole life. I didn’t realize until years later how screwed up that was. And she wasn’t the last teacher to make a judgement on me because I am soft spoken. Another teacher told me I couldn’t speak up in class until I learned to talk like a lady and project. Ugh…I’m disabled slightly in my vocal cords BITCH! *groan*

4.) I believe that having a peaceful place to write is critical. I have no such place right now. I am currently living in a temporary rental house with some family and I am constantly interrupted. It makes things much harder. If you can make a space completely your own, do so. Guys have man caves, girls have bitch caves. Make your cave your own.

5.) I believe that Clive Cussler fucked up when he killed the Dirk Pitt movies with Matthew McConaughey. I have always loved his Dirk Pitt adventure books and was so excited when they were making ‘Sahara’ into a film. I loved that book and the movie was pretty good. I wish they kept the Lincoln stuff in the there at the end, but hey, you can’t get everything you want. I thought the casting was brilliant and I couldn’t wait for them to make more. Then Cussler decides he doesn’t like it and goes on a rampage to kill the movie and all future projects. ASSHOLE! If you are fortunate enough to see your books come to the big screen, shut up and say thank you. Yeah, if they are going to change everything and it doesn’t even resemble the story you wrote in any form, then you have the right to complain. But the way Cussler behaved was just SO wrong. And what gives? When people see a film based on a movie, they often go buy the book after seeing it. ROYALTIES!!! I know the man is rich already, but damn, this could have been such a great series.

6.) I believe that women who like to look nice (like myself) should not be berated for it. All my life I have been called vain, conceited, and “into my appearance” for loving fashion, makeup, hair styling…all the jazz. Just because I take time to get ready and in the morning doesn’t make me dumb, or unintelligent, or into myself. It means I like things that are shiny and sparkly!! Makeup lovers of the world unite!! (I could write a whole blog post about this one issue, but I will leave that for my makeup blog).

7.) I believe that life should have a soundtrack. I would be so much better at life in general if a theme song played when I needed motivation, or life in general had music to contribute to each and every mood. If anything, it would help me to know when something bag was going to happen. Lord knows I would be better at things if Florence Welch kicked into gear when I needed her voice to lift me up. Same for Enya when I am trying to fall asleep.

8.) I believe that I will never be able to give up spaghetti for as long as I live. I have it once a week. It’s like a drug I just can’t quit. No matter what diet I am on, it will be a part of my life. Same goes for Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (when I can get it because they mainly sell it in the southern states, although its moving on up to other states gradually).

9.) When it comes to writing, don’t let others tell you how it should be done. Whenever I see a video on YouTube, and they ask a famous author some advice, and they give it…I almost always disagree with it. They are telling others what to do like it is a mantra that must be followed. Do what works for you and only follow advice that conceivably can be applied or works well for your writing habits.

10.) I believe no one will actually read all of this. Haha!

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