Girl Crushing Moment

Boy was JennaMarbles right when she said that girls are majestic fucking creatures. I think no truer statement has ever been said. I may be straight, but there are some women who are so inspiring and naturally sexy that they must be commended.

Current girl crush: Lana Del Rey.

I have been looking at pictures of her online and watching her interviews online, listening to her music. I know there are a fair amount of people out there who don’t like her, but I truly don’t care. Other artists out there need to take lessons from her on how to be naturally sexy without having to PROVE they are sexy. I never went for Madonna or Britney for the mere reason that they shoved their sexuality in your face. Lana does it in a subtle way which I love. Now that I have said this, she will undoubtedly do something distasteful. HAHA! But I still love her so far.

Her song “Burning Desire” is on repeat for me right now, as well as many of her other songs. I’ve never seen an artist so sensual just in the way she moves while being very covered up at the same time (even though the dress is stunning in its own right).

It’s songs like this that inspire me while writing. If there is a yearning, or something mystical in the lyrics or the melody, it draws me in and gets my creative juices going. And even though I don’t write erotica (as of now anyway…who knows what will come in the future), I find this kind of music to be hypnotic. And the hypnotic trance of writing is one of those highs I live for.

Other Lana Del Rey songs to check out:


Blue Jeans

Serial Killer

National Anthem

Off to the Races

Gods and Monsters

Dark Paradise

Summertime Sadness

Young and Beautiful


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