‘The Keeper’s Realm’ soundtrack

I always have music playing when I write. It’s an absolute must. There are pieces that inspire certain works, and others that keep me going. Here are a few that I listened to religiously while writing ‘The Keeper’s Realm.’

1.) Florence + the Machine – Blinding (http://youtu.be/Da6bBKLPEGg)

Naturally, right? I have to have some Florence in there. This song is hauntingly beautiful. And oddly enough, it’s not one of her most popular. And the lyrics are equally mournful and eery. She speaks of a broken heart, a spell, dreaming, and a girl who is in love with the wrong world. Ashlyn has a difficult time as she loves a man from an entirely different world to her own. It makes her own world seem bleak without him. Therefore it fits beautifully.

2.) Trevor Morris – Moonlight (http://youtu.be/vvfxyZjfrZ4)

A beautiful piano and violin melody that is like something from a dream. Or maybe not of this realm? It describes the peace Ashlyn feels inside the Hall of Mirrors.

3.) Trevor Morris – A Historic Love (http://youtu.be/oKpPBg_ae-8)

Damien and Ashlyn share a love that has survived for ages. This piece reminds me of a melody that may have existed for centuries and survived the test of time. So many songs come from ancient melodies and we don’t even know it. This song to me is passionate and timeless, just like Ashlyn and Damien. It can drive a character to motivation or bring them to the point of despair.

4.) Alexandre Desplat – Flight to the Compound (http://youtu.be/4-2AM8FuI_w)

Yes, I know this is from the score to the film ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ but there is something so undeniably creepy and foreshadowing about it. I can hear this playing toward the end of the book when Ashlyn is really struggling (and for spoiler purposes, I won’t say much more than that).

5.) Luke Cusaato – Blueskies (Soundnet Remix) (http://youtu.be/RyHa9MdUtTA)

I listened to this song just as a filler to listen to while writing and searching for new music. I really like SuicideSheeep on YouTube and his remixes. This particular one was just peaceful to listen to when I was writing Ashlyn’s inner dialogue with herself.

6.) Soley – Pretty Face (http://youtu.be/gRwFRMGpTWg)

Let’s face it, this song is just creepy, yet beautiful. Her voice is lovely, and there something longing in it… like she is hurting. This makes me think of my leading antagonist. Not gonna say who for obvious reasons.

7.) New Divide – Gavin Mikhail (Linkin Park cover) (http://youtu.be/GR3y_fGiGE4)

Ugh, this just describes Damien’s pain SO beautifully!!!!!! If you read the story, you will know exactly what I mean. And Gavin’s voice will break your heart.

8.) Time – Hans Zimmer (http://youtu.be/MuAGGZNfUkU)

I know I listed this song for ‘The Elder Origins’ as well. But I can’t help it. This song is so beautiful that I can’t help but listen to it each and every time I write. There is something so epic and still haunting about it. I can hear this playing at so many different points in the story, it’s ridiculous. I feel like this song embodies a love story that needs to be told, but will make you cry once you’ve heard it.

9.) Loreena McKennitt – La Serenissima (http://youtu.be/m54SmVsQqgc)

This is another melody that I can picture the ancients having for so long and existing throughout time. Even though I know Loreena wrote it. Loreena has been one of my favorites for years and year and years. It speaks of another time, older generations long gone, and stories untold. There is something so mythical in her melodies. And yes, this describes both Ashlyn and Damien. You know why if you’ve read the story. 😉

10.) Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (http://youtu.be/JRWox-i6aAk)

Such a romantic song. And Damien truly will love Ashlyn “til the end of time.” I am turning into a really big Lana Del Rey fan. I honestly don’t know why so many people hate her. She has such a unique sound to her voice.

11.)  Sarah McLachlan – Fear (http://youtu.be/l_vVmeUf6QU)

Another singer I have been listening to since…like….um….FOREVER! I was raised on her. And this was one of the first songs of hers that I absolutely fell head over heels in love with. When that awful thing that I can’t say because its a spoiler happens to Ashlyn in the last 100 pages goes down…this is definitely playing. Sarah’s voice is almost frightening. And it speaks of fear…so yeah, it fits well.

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  1. Hans Zimmer’s King Arthur soundtrack is what I’m listening to as I write my fantasy romance. He is amazing. There is an iTunes radio (which I love) station called What Will You Do After You Save The World, or something like that, and it features lots of Hans Zimmer.

    • I love the King Arthur soundtrack. Absolutely amazing. I can see why you chose to write to that music. I will definitely be looking up that iTunes radio station. Thanks for the tip. I am always looking for new music.

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