Writing Goals For 2014

Maybe it’s a bit premature, but I have been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish over the coming year, and what I want do over the next few months until then. I’m not sure how all this will pan out given the prospect of jobs, hopefully getting my own place, and all the details in between. But something tells me (probably my hopeful/positive thinking) that 2014 is going to be a good year.

I am in a new city, making new friends (when I get away from the computer and writing), and I will hopefully have more things going on outside of JUST writing. Because my worst fear right now is burning out.

So here it is:

Goal #1: Write 4-5 more books after January 1, 2014. I hear about other authors writing more than that, but I’m not counting short stories. I want to write some short stories in the mix as well and publish them. I want to write a sequel to ‘The Elder Origins’ and possibly a third one as well. I also want to write a sequel to ‘The Keeper’s Realm’ (releasing on September 28, 2014, plug intended). I am working on some ideas for a separate fantasy book from the one I’m working on right now, but its in the very beginning stages.

Goal #2: Have at least 1/4 of my income be from my books. Maybe this seems a bit far fetched or a tiny bit selfish, but I really do want some sort of income out of it someday. I know people say constantly that its not about the money, it’s about the story. But a girl’s got to have money to have the time to be able to write. If I ain’t eating, I ain’t writing. Simple as that. Not to mention that I have two other hungry mouths to feed. They will chew on my legs without that bowl of dog food to munch on.

Goal #3: I want to move out of get my own place. I need a sanctuary to focus. What I have right now is do-able. And that’s it. Do-able. I am making due with what I got. Not happy about it, but at least its a step up from my previous digs. A college dorm room and a small laptop. Now I’ve got a big monitor to plug my laptop into. Much nice. But still. The alone time would be ideal to get some more work done. Proved that when I house/dog sat for a friend over the weekend. The alone time really made an improvement on my productivity.

Goal #4: Have a good job. This goes without saying. Let’s face it. The economy sucks. And I am lucky to have family willing to take me in and allow me the time to get a job I like over a job I need. Of course, I am cooking, cleaning, and running everyone’s errands, so it’s hard to really see who is truly benefiting sometimes. o.O

Goal #5: Find an activity outside of writing. Whether it be going back into belly dance (which I love) or a fitness class, anything of that nature will do. And it will help me to meet new people in my new city.

Goal #6: Read 25 books. I know this may be an incredibly low number for some people. But I am a really slow reader. I read 25-35 pages per hour. Yeah. That’s slow. I can’t speed read like others can. Tried it, didn’t retain anything. Which made it tons of fun when it came around to reading x amount of pages for homework assignments. I would be looking at the white board in front of the class with the homework assignment of read 150 pages from said book and think to myself, “I’m gonna be up all night.”

So that’s it for me. Or at least for now. Maybe I will look back over it in the coming year ahead and see how I did. Anyone else have goals set out already for the coming year??


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