What Are This??

I was in a Jenna Marbles mood the other day watching her older videos when I realized that her new mantra of “What Are This?” is kinda like what I am experiencing right now. I have a bit of a unique thing going on with the current story I am working on, and it is a problem that I have not come across yet as a writer. So naturally, it’s bothering me enough to write a blog post about it.

As I sit here going through final edits of “The Keepers Realm,” I am also thinking about my new story. It was something that came about quite randomly. I was planning an entirely different story to start on when this one came to my head and I just went for it, writing like a machine for about a week. I have read that Amanda Hocking can write a book in a couple of weeks and I wondered if it was something that I could do. After 30,000 words I decided that it was something that was not meant for me, because I didn’t even know enough about what I had to keep going. I need time to explore a plot a bit in my mind before really hammering into it.

Sorry Amanda, but the whole writing a whole book in under two weeks really hurt my brain. Tried it, doesn’t work for me.

Then after those 30,000 words, I decided that about 6,000 of them weren’t very good were and the remaining 24,000 had some potential for something cool. Then I wondered if the story was too much like Keepers, only to realize that it was something entirely different. Then I thought maybe the entire thing is stupid. WHAT ARE THIS?? Where the hell is this going? Is this unique enough? Is there a lot of other material like this out there or too much?? GAH!!

I am not giving up on it, no, no, no. I plan on continuing with it. I even have some ideas for what the main plot is going to be once I get my new character, Shawn, out of a dirty mess and allow her to figure out what is happening to her. Because quite frankly, not even I knew until two nights ago.

Outlining and planning might have its place for some people, but for me… there is nothing more exciting than finding out what is going on with a character at the same time she does. That AHA moment is what I love and write for.

Shawn has some tough days ahead of her. That much I know.


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