“The Elder Origins” – The Movie (In my daydreams…)

When I write, I see everything in my head as if it were a movie. Strange, I know. Maybe not everyone does that and maybe it’s because I am a huge movie buff. But I thought it would be fun to cast my DREAM cast for “The Elder Origins.”

So as I sit here, listening once again to the song that inspired the story for me, “Breathe of Life” by Florence + the Machine (the original version), I lie around thinking of who would be my perfect Jayden, Madison, Jamison…etc. Here is what I came up with.

First of all, my main lady.

Lily Collins as Madison

I imagine someone like Lily Collins, or maybe Emma Watson for Madison. She is small, frail, young, quick tempered, and strong as hell. So I think that this lovely actress, as well as many others would fit the bill well.


Michael Fassbender as Jayden

Michael Fassbender would definitely be Jayden. I know this might creep some out because of the age different between these two actors (Lily & Michael), but keep in mind, this was medieval times. I actually considered making Madison younger at one point because at 17, she probably would have been married with children already. So considering the times, their age difference would be appropriate.

Anyway, Jayden is incredibly strong willed, arrogant, a survivor, quick witted, sarcastic…yeah. I can definitely see Michael Fassbender as Jayden in my head.


James McAvoy as Jamison

James McAvoy would be my Jamison. He is fiercely loyal, an adventurer, loving, caring, hard working, mature, and doting on his younger sister Madison. He is also incredibly intelligent. James McAvoy was the the first to come to my mind in the line up for the characters of this book.


Paul Bettany as Lyndon

Paul Bettany has played it all. The good guy, the bad guy. He can be utterly charming or incredibly dangerous. Making him perfect for Lyndon. He is a strong captain and caregiver for the people of the voyage. But when push comes to shove, he is a survivor, no matter what the cost.


 Neal McDonough as Caspar

Neal McDonough just has something dangerous in his eyes. I loved him in Timeline and Band of Brothers. Caspar, let’s face it, is unpredictable. Just like this guy above. He can play any kind of character. Including a psycho, which he was in a film with Al Pacino that I can’t remember the name of right now. *shrugs*. Yeah, I pick him.


Jay Tavare Inazin

Jay Tavare… can we all take a moment to just stare at the epic-ness? *Drools* Okay, finished? He would be my Inazin. Even though Inazin is a little bit older in the books, that’s the magic of makeup. Inazin is gentle, kind hearted, compassionate, and above all, mysterious.  As if the film with this casting wouldn’t have enough eye candy, he just sends it over the edge.


That would be my dream cast. I have decided to get working on a sequel for ‘The Elder Origins’ right away. So maybe there will be more dream casting soon to come.

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