“The Keeper’s Realm” Has a Cover!!

Keeper's_Realm_1667x2500 (1)

Here is the new cover to my latest book, a paranormal romance which I hope to have out in a matter of weeks, and definitely by the end of this month. I wrote this one in two months, and I am currently working my third book.

This cover presented itself on IndieAuthorServices and was made by Joy Sillesen. I spent many hours searching the internet for what I thought would be the perfect cover. I saw this one and bought it instantly, knowing it was the right one. It’s dark and gothic, with a period piece dress, a girl that resembles my lead character…and my most favorite part, it’s purple. My favorite color. SOLD!!

“The Keeper’s Realm” takes place in my favorite city of all time. New Orleans. A city vibrant and rich with history, jazz, great food, voodoo, and an undeniable atmosphere. I was born there, and I wanted to live there again in my older years. My family is originally from there and I wanted to make it my home too. But unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina made that really difficult.

But I can still write about it.

The story centers around Ashlyn, a teenage girl born into a position that she finds terrifying, and exhilarating. She is a Keeper, in charge of protecting the Realm of the Living. And she is not the only one. Damien, the strikingly handsome and other-worldly man in charge of her training, is also a Keeper, with a haunting past of his own.

I plan on posting a preview chapter in the coming weeks ahead. So be sure to check for that.


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