My Book is Officially Live!!

I have the pleasure to announce that my first book, “The Elder Origins” is officially live and for purchase on Amazon Kindle.

After over a year and a half of writing and editing and writing and editing, my first book, a dark cross over between historical fiction and fantasy, is complete and available. I made an entire post all about it, but decided to take it down. I posted the book to the Kindle Select program, and they have certain rules about material not being on any other sites as they have exclusivity for 90 days. I didn’t post any actual text, but I am still a beginner on what is allowed, so I decided to be on the safe side.

Just to clarify, this book is not for everyone, but those who love action, adventure, Gothic stories, and mysticism, you should love it. I have aimed it as a YA paranormal story, and it is vampire genre.  It is set in the 14th century during the Hundred Year War. It will appeal to anyone who likes dark macabre story lines, conspiracies, vampire genre, Native American legend, and horror. I hope very much to turn this book into a series.

Many of the books I read and TV shows that I watch are about vampires. And one thing that I noticed over time was that all the vampire material right now and of the past 20-30 years is exactly the same. They all have a love triangle of some kind (The Vampire Chronicles, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, My Blood Approves – all have them), and they all take place in contemporary times with a few flash backs here or there. And I just thought, “Look at all the opportunities that writers are missing out on by using the two same plot lines over and over.” Why not start at the beginning of vampire/immortal creation and move forward toward contemporary times. Then you have ALL of history to play with. Stories about immortal beings have always appealed to me. Even when I am watching vampire shows or reading the books, I always found the flash backs that give the history of certain characters to be the most interesting part. So what better way to do it than to allow readers to get to know your characters through the centuries.

I had one person tell me that I set the book in the worst possible setting, the Hundred Years War in England. She claimed that it was the most boring period in history. Far from it! When you look at the nobles and royals and all the battles, sure, it looks really repetitive. In reality, the lives lead by the common folk living day to day, it was anything but dull. Fighting to stay alive more like! Having to grow your own crops or die, having men in armor and constant battles happening outside in your back yard, the church down your throat about sin and the wrath of god, disease, serfdom, chivalry, jousting, sword fights… how can this shit be boring?? There is SO much to play around with and to create a story from.

I appreciate any support I can get being that I am just starting out. So if you read it, enjoy it, and write a review, let me know and I will write you a personal thank you.

You can purchase it here. Soon I will post about the 5 days during the 90 day period that it will be available for free.

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