It’s All About the Music

I know that I am definitely not the first, but I find music to be the best motivator, inspiration, and day dreaming tool out there. I have heard of several writers who have to write in complete silence, But I can hardly do anything without music in the background, especially writing. In fact, I used to annoy my family when they came to see me, because I always had music going. And a lot of it was too weird for their taste.

Life should most definitely have a soundtrack. And my first manuscript is no exception.

I wrote in a previous post as to how Florence + the Machine “Breathe of Life” (the original version) inspired my first book. The entire story came to me as I was getting ready to go to sleep and was listening to it while lying in bed and trying to relax a bit. I suddenly jolted up from bed and had to write down this insane idea that made no sense, but I knew would in time. Sometimes I still worry that it will only ever make sense to me. But that fact that I had so much fun perfecting it made that particular song one of my favorites for all time.

Like many authors, I have a writing playlist. I have songs for getting my creative juices flowing, (like the one above), ones for an action sequences, ones for something errie and creepy, one for something romantic… every mood essentially.

My first book (which will hopefully be released next month if I can figure out the formatting and everything…which I am working on) has a definite soundtrack.

Here are some of the essential songs that I listened to that really helped me to develop the plot.

For something euphoric and thoughtful, or even intense: (Hans Zimmer – Time)

For something creepy: (Hans Zimmer – The Well)

(Can you tell that I like Hans Zimmer?)

One for something dark, sinister or evil villain activities: (Grit Pulse – Methodic Doubt)

For something mystical and epic: (Enya – The River Sings)

And finally, for something wistful and romantic: (Sia – My Love)

I can only speak for myself, but these pieces have helped me to create my first book, so they are all special to me. Music is vital to my every day life and helps me in almost everything that I do.

Music has the power to take my mood from something amazing to somewhere dark and mysterious. In fact, I have people tell me that my mood changes drastically after listening to something morose or Gothic. It can take me from a “I can’t possibly get anything done today,” attitude to, “Yeah, I can do something.”

And as that great Pintrest quote says, “My Music Taste Ranges from ‘You’ve Gotta Listen to This!’ to ‘I Know, Please Don’t Judge Me’.”

Are there any pieces or songs that get you in a “Writing Mood”? What inspires you?

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