Tough Days Ahead…

Over fifty agent rejections later, and over a year since starting my first novel, completing it and moving on to my second… I still don’t know exactly where I am.

I had always imagined that I would go down the traditional route of publishing. Finding an agent, making edits, getting published, and continue trying to write a couple books a year. But as the rejections came in larger numbers, and I realized that my story was far from what the publishing world is looking for right now (in fact its been done too much), I started looking toward self publishing.

After reading about power house writers like Jasinda Wilder and Amanda Hocking, who self-published and found tremendous success, it really appeals to me. And even though I am well aware that my success will more than likely never be even half-way close to the amount they have received, a girl can dream.

I was kinda shocked when I first read how many titles both these authors put out in a single year. I have never been able to write tremendous short stories, so writing novella or novelettes doesn’t fit for me. I like writing full length novels, and that is considerably more time consuming. I can’t imagine doing it as fast as they do. But then again, I think it might be necessary. They say that your first book will take the longest to write, the next half that long, and so forth. My first took me over a year to complete (but to be fair, I was putting myself through graduate school, a job, an internship, three moves across the planet and the country, and personal drama). The second that I am currently working has taken about 2 months so far. I am 3/4 the way there, and i am hoping to finish within the next two weeks. If I can get to the point of writing a book every month or even month and a half, I would be thrilled.

I have read everything I can get my hands on about self-publishing and I hope to learn even more in the weeks ahead.

I can’t imagine that any of this is tremendously interesting to read, but for me, its more of a reminder that I have work to do, and I will be successful to some degree if I just put more effort into it. I have my idols out there to remind me that it CAN be done.

Goal for now… at least 4,000 words a day. I have done this successfully in the last few weeks. However, today was an exception. Three separate tries at getting my drivers license renewed and still not getting there (spent over 12 hours total trying to get that shit done) has left me emotionally exhausted. The first time, they said I forgot X,Y&Z and have to come back. That was three and a half hours of waiting. The second time, my documents were not sufficient, three more hours of waiting. I was told that if I hurried, went and got them and came back in under 30 minutes, they could place me at the front of the line. 15 minutes later, back with my forms, some idiot put me at the back of the line and I had a 4 1/2 hour wait,….which is more like 6 with how they move. Needless to say, I didn’t stay and I was utterly pissed off. Aren’t government workers fun??

Today was my third attempt. All my documents were ready and I was prepared to get this done. Then the woman says that since it expired I need to retake the written exam AND the drivers test. To my own defense, there was no way that I could get it renewed before it expired. I had just moved twice, had no proof of address as I had no home yet, and the week it expired, I had a death in the family. A week after coming back from an out of state funeral, I get told all of this.

Needless to say…. I don’t think I could write something good today if my life depending on it. Mind is mush!!

Personally I think that anyone who has managed to drive around on the freeways here and not die trying deserves to have their license until…forever, but that’s me.

Nothing is ever easy.

Macaroni & Cheese for comfort food today.

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